ART. Textured Canvas
ART. Textured Canvas

ART. Textured Canvas

Regular price$1,500.00 USD

Anna Sofronas presents a canvas art piece named "Art Textured Canvas". At its essence, it’s a blend of modern geometry and bold design elements. 

The canvas showcases textured geometric squares, which come together to create a cohesive design. The piece is accented by a striking red line, and to top it off, the word 'ART.' is printed on the top right corner, giving it a declarative touch. 

  • Size: 23.75 inches (width) x 47.75 inches (height) x 1 inch (depth) 
  • Price: $1,500 

Anna's work on this canvas combines modern design with an acknowledgment of art itself. The simplicity in its design juxtaposed with its bold elements makes it an eye-catching piece for any space.