Boost Your ROI & Cut Marketing Costs

With over 10 years of experience in advanced testing and analytics, we help you achieve better marketing results. By understanding your audience and implementing targeted strategies, we ensure more efficient spending and higher returns. Ready to see the difference? Let's get started!

FREE Marketing Performance Audit

Our Comprehensive Performance Marketing Audit provides recommendations to lower cost per sale across lower funnel marketing tactics of paid search and direct marketing.

Marketing Consulting

Project-based consulting covers performance marketing optimization focused around direct mail and paid search optimization.

Is this you?

Ads are too expensive

You are getting sales, but are looking to lower cost per sale and drive more organic traffic sales.

Audience not converting

You have reached a particular audience, but are struggling to get sales volume.

Want a second opinion

You want an independent analysis on where to allocate your lower funnel marketing dollars for maximum sales conversion.

Unknown Acquisition Cost

You don't have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your lower funnel marketing.

Want to learn more about our offerings?

In an intro call, Alex will walk you through his model for lower funnel marketing optimization and will provide helpful tips and strategies as well. No annoying sales pitches!

Depending on the need of the business, offerings may include:

  • Conversion optimization recommendations for specific audiences, spanning messaging to tactic spend allocations.
  • Cost per acquisition of a customer per each lower funnel marketing tactic.
  • Recommendation of tactics to shift toward and away from in terms of spend by audience for maximum lower funnel effectiveness.
  • Recommendation of marketing process improvements using AI and automation tools, with implementation.
  • Test design recommendations to understand the effectiveness of your lower funnel marketing.

Why Alex Sofronas?

Alex Sofronas has spent over a decade in performance marketing and analytics roles, and brings unique optimization strategies to each client depending on their product and audience. Previous optimizations have included direct mail sales rate increases of over 40% through targeting and offer optimization and reductions in cost per sale of over 15% in paid search using Alex's performance marketing optimization methods. The offerings below allow for short and long-term performance marketing optimization, and both include a free consultation to learn more

Schedule a free Marketing Performance Audit to learn more about how ASofronas Marketing Services can improve your lower funnel marketing effectiveness.