About Alex Sofronas

Alex Sofronas is a well-regarded figure in the digital marketing and analytics world. He's built a solid reputation from years of hands-on experience in the industry. His background isn't just theoretical; he's been part of numerous real-world projects and campaigns. As a result, he's become a go-to expert for many businesses looking for effective marketing strategies.

His latest speaking engagements include:

Apart from his regular job, Alex shares his knowledge through the Marketing x Analytics Podcast, which he hosts every week. This show reaches listeners worldwide, offering insights into marketing trends and challenges. In each episode, Alex and his guests discuss practical strategies, address common hurdles, and highlight notable industry successes. For many listeners, the podcast is a trusted resource for staying updated.

What sets Alex apart is his ability to think differently and his focus on results. He doesn't just follow the usual methods; he looks for new and better ways to tackle challenges. A significant part of his approach is using analytics. He believes that understanding the data behind marketing campaigns can make a huge difference. With this mindset, he's committed to helping businesses improve their digital marketing efforts and achieve outstanding results. Alex offers Marketing Services including performance marketing auditing and consulting, to bring innovation and growth to enterprises.