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Managed Podcast One-time Setup Fee
Managed Podcast Episode Bundles
Podcast Mastery & Monetization Course | Access Video Course

Podcasts are a dependable way to expand your network of professionals, develop an audience, and continuously learn in whatever subject area you choose. 

Would you like a fully-managed podcast, or a training course on how to build your own podcast? Grab time below to get started with a free session.

Managed Podcast services are spread between a one-time setup fee and ongoing managed podcast episodes produced and posted for you.

The one-time setup includes a podcast cover, title/descriptions on all podcasting sites, analytics and account management setup in Podbean, the ability to post across all podcasting services, and social and email account setup. 

Each managed podcast episode includes podcast episode posting across all platforms, auto-invitation of guests, automatic messaging to guests, bespoke editing, short social media clip creation, and continuous maintenance and updating.

If you'd like to host and manage your own podcast, check out my Podcast Course! 

 Podcast Mastery & Monetization Course for Aspiring Professionals

In today's competitive job market, standing out can be a challenge, especially for college students and early career professionals. Have you considered leveraging the power of podcasts? Podcasts are more than just entertainment; they can be an impressive addition to your resume and a way to showcase your expertise and insights. Let Alex Sofronas guide you through the process.

Course Duration: 44 minutes

What You'll Gain Through My Course

  • Unique Portfolio Builder: Learn how creating a podcast can make your resume stand out to potential employers.
  • Networking Through Podcasting: Find out how inviting guests can help you network and open doors to job opportunities.
  • Tech Basics for Beginners: Get a beginner-friendly overview of the essential hardware and software tools you'll need.
  • Content Creation: Learn how to identify topics and craft messages that resonate with your target audience.
  • Monetization on a Budget: Discover affordable ways to earn from your podcast, even as a student.

Special Features of the Course

  • Video Course: Alex's comprehensive guide on how to align podcasting with professional goals.
  • Exclusive Community: Access a Discord community of peers, mentors, and fellow budding professionals. Collaborate, learn, and grow together.
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship: Benefit from a personalized 30-minute session with Alex Sofronas. Get tailored advice on merging podcasting with career aspirations.

Our Promise

We believe in the transformative power of this course. If you don't find value in it, we commit to a full refund, ensuring you risk nothing.

If you're seeking a unique edge in your job hunt and aspiring to become an industry voice, this is your chance. Use the power of podcasts to showcase your skills, network, and amplify your employability!